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Raging Waters

Our family consist of five daughters all born within a seven year time span - November of 1955 to June of 1962. Imagine that! We haven't always been the closest of siblings, but we all love each other and can rely on each other when we need it most. Here are our parents ....

Abron Wayne WATERS * was born on 18 Sep 1928 in Lawrence County, Alabama to Willam Grady Waters and Elzie Elmina Shelton Waters. He died on 11 Apr 2005 in Moulton, Lawrence County, Alabama. The cause of death was Heart Attack. He was buried East Lawrence Memorial Gardens in Lawrence County, Alabama.
Engle Ship Yard, Decatur, Morgan County, Alabama (age 16)
Farm work in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Kalamazoo Paper Box Company, Michigan
Allied Paper Mill, Michigan
Construction building Wolverine, Decatur, Morgan County,
1950- Dodge Factory, Michigan, they went on strike, he came home &
returned when it was over
Caterpillar Company, Peoria, Illinois until enlistment in the Air
1954- After discharge, went to Michigan to pick fruit
Worked in a Garage as a mechanic
Dug Septic tanks (by hand)
Vaughn Gas Company
Farmed & went to G.I. School (Graduated with a High School
Equivilancy Diploma)
R. D. Shores Construction
Picked Fruit, North Carolina (2 Months), came home because
there was no place for his family to stay
Alabama Farmer's Co-Op, Decatur, Morgan County, Alabama (
10 years )
Minnisota Mining & Manufactoring (3-M), Decatur, Morgan
County, Alabama ( 10 years )
Champion Papers International, Courtland, Lawrence County,
Alabama ( 20 years until retirement )

Property: The land he owned was 20 acres at Conway, then 60 acres
at McWhorter Community, and 80 acres at Fairfield Community, all in
Lawrence County, Alabama.

SCHOOL: He went to school at Conway School until it burned when
he was in the 4th grade. Then he went to Midway School. At the age
of 14, he quit school and went to work.

BIRTH: . Abron Wayne Waters was born at the home of his parents,
William Grady and Elizie Elmina Shelton Waters in the Conway
Community in Lawrence County, Alabama.
Birth Certificate issued unnamed. Application for name change dated
May 15, 1942 .

MARRIAGE: " Marriage Records of Tishimingo County, Mississippi,
Probate Office; Iuka, Tishimingo County, Mississippi. "
Marriage License , State of Mississippi, County of Tishomingo, issued
by A. Belue, Circuit Clerk, by Carl Hendrix.
Rites of Matrimony preformed by Rev. T. R. Bonds
MARRIAGE: The State of Mississippi, Tishomingo County, By Virtue of
a License From the Clerk of the Circuit Court of said County of Tishomingo, I have this day celebrated the Rites of Matrimony between Mr. Abron Wayne Waters and Miss Ilda Ruth Curnutt.
Given under my hand, this the 25th day of December,A.D. 1954
Rev. T.R. Bonds

To any Judge, Minister, or Justice or any other Person Lawfully
Authorized to celebrate the Rites of Matrimony.
Between Mr. Abron Wayne Waters and Ilda Ruth Curnutt and for so
doing this shall be your warrant. Given under my hand and official
seal, this 25th day of December in the year of our Lord One
Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty- Four.
A. Belue, Circuit Clerk; By Carl Hendrix D.C.

Military: United States Air Force
1950, December 12 - Enlisted in Gadsden, Alabama as a Private
Claimed his mother, Elzie E. Waters as being a
dependant parent, and gave up his housing allowance for her
Name: Abron W. Waters
Grade/Rank: Pfc
Matital Status: Single
Religious Preference: Protestant
Date of Birth: Sep. 18, 1928
Place of Birth: Lawrence County, Alabama
Date & Place of Entry on Active Duty: Dec. 12, 1950 Gadsden,
Permanent Address: Trinity, Alabama
Government Life Insurance: $10,000, effective Jul 1951
Beneficiary: Elzie Waters, Mother, 100%
1953, March 24 - Headquarters, 4th Fighter Interceptor Wing, APO
970, San Francisco, Calif.
Personnel Actions Memorandums - # 19
Abron W. Waters, Grade - A/1C - Af14351663, Qualification - # 138,
Test AFSC - 55150, Date Jan. 27, 1953
1953, August 18 - 4th Fighter-Interceptor Wing, APO 970
A/1C Abron W. Wters AF14351663 (W) (P&SAFSC-95150) (DOS-11
Dec 54) (HOR-Rt1 Trinity, Ala) (Z1 asgmt, 3750 TT Wg, Sheppard
AFB, Tex) 4th Instl Sq, 4th AB Gp. 7 days tvl authd if performed by
1953, September 1 - Personnel Processing Squadron APO 959 DTD
1953, September 1 - Waters, Abron W., Rt 1 Trinity, Ala, AF14351663
Asgmt: 3750th Tech Tng Wg (ATRC) Sheppard
1953, September 1 - 6403D Personnel Processing Squadron, APO
Destination - Seattle, Washington
Travel to Naval Recieving Station in Seattle, Washington; Sail on
USNS M. M. Patrick, travel to Poe, Yokohama, Japan by rail
1953, September 14 - 2349th Personnel Processing Group (AF)
U. S. Naval Recieving Station, Seattle, Washington
1953, September 14 - Arrival -Sep. 14, 1953
Departure - Sep. 14, 1953
1953, September 24 - Headquarters Sheppard Air Force Base &
3750th Technical Training Wing (ARTC) - SPECIAL ORDERS
A/1C Abron W. Waters AF14351663 having been asgd this B by par 2
So 244 6430D PerP Sq APo 959 cs w/EDCSA 1 Oct 53 & to rept NLT
23 Oct 53 is asgd (PP) 3750 Instl Sq. Thirty (30) DDALV.
1953, September 28 - Headquarters 3750th Air Base Group (ATRC)
Personnel Actions Memorandums
A/1C Abron W. Waters AF14351663 (PP) 3750 Instl Sq this B is asg
dy w/Rd & Grd Maint as Apr Rd & Grd Specl 55130, eff 1 Oct 53
"Indorsed Travel Order"
1953, September - $ 135.30; Finance Officer - N. H. Gilmore, WOJC,
1954, February 9 -Headquarters, 3750th Air Base Group
A/1C Waters, Abron W AF14351663 - Good Conduct Medal resulting
from his demonstration of Honor, efficiency, and fidelity during period indicated 11 Dec 50 and 10 Dec 53
1954, February 17 - Headquarters, Sheppard Air Force Base &
3750th Technical Training Wing (ARTC) Promotion of Personnel -
Waters, Abron W. AF14351663 3750 Instl Sq - Promoted to S/Sgt
1953, April 22 - Headquarters 3750th Air Base Group (ATRC)
Personnel Actions Memorandums
DY AFSC of SSGT Waters, Abron W. AF14351663 (PERM Party) 3750
Instl Sq is changed from APR Roads & GRN SPECL 55130 to Roads &
HRN SUPV 55170
1950, December 14 - 3700 AFIW, Lackland AFB, Texas - Private -
1950, December 17 - 3740 BMTG, Sheppard AFB, Texas - Private - &
Wks. Basic Comp.
1951, January 28 - 3345th InstLs, Sq, CAFB, ILL - Private -
Firefighter Hlpr
1951, March, 16 - 3345th Insts Sq, CAFB, ILL - Private - Apr Roads &
Grade Specl
1951, June 16 - 3345th Insts Sq, CAFB, ILL - PFC - Apr Roads &
Grade Specl
1952, January 11 - 3345th Instls Sq, CAFB, ILL - CPL - Apr Roads &
Grds Specl
1952, April 19 - 3625th Instl Sq, Tafb, Fla - A/2C - SR Rds & Grd Specl
1952, June 10 - 3625th Instl Sq, TAFB, Fla - A/1C - Sr Rds & zGrds
1952, September 19 - 2349th Processing Gp (AF), Camp Stoneman,
Calif - A/1C
1952, November 1 - 4th Instl Sq, APO970 - A/1C - Rds & Grds Specl
1953, September 3 - (Korea)//OJJ 55170 PAM 34
1953, October 1 - 3750 Instl Sq, SAFB, Tex - A/1C - Rd & Grds Specl
1954, February 11 - 3750 Instl Sq, SAFB, Tex - S/SGT - Rd & Grds
1954, April 22 - // (27) (U) AFSC 55150//
1954, April 22 - 3750 Instl Sq, SAFB, Tex, S/SGT - Rd & Grds Supv
1951, January - Allotment December 1950 - $6.60 to Veteran's
January 1951 - $6.60
February 1951 - $6.60
1951, January 2 - $85.00 to Mrs. Elzie E. Waters
1951, July 17 - $6.60 to Veteran's Administration
1951, December 4 - $50.00 to Elzie E. Waters
1951, December 4 - $85.00 to Dependant Mother
1953, August 9 - Allotment (Final); sent to Grady Waters $50.00 per
Airman's request

Department of the Air Force
United States of America
Honorable Discharge from the Armed Forces of the United States of
This is to certify that Staff Sargent Abron W. Waters, AF4351663,
Regular Air Force, was honorably discharged from the Air Force of
the United States on the 27th day of September, 1954.
This certificate is awarded as a testimonial of Honest and Faithful
James R. Williams, Colonel, USAF
Character of Departure: Honorable
Department: Air Force
Name: Waters, Abron Wayne
Serial Number: AF4351663
Grade/Date of Appointment: SSGT(T), Feb. 1, 1954
Type of Separation: Discharge
Reason & Authority for Separation: HQ USAF 28 May 54 & PARA 3k
AFR 39-14
Place of Separation: Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas
Date of Birth: 18 Sep 28
Place of Birth: Moulton, Alabama
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasion
Color Hair: Red
Color Eyes: Gray
Height: 70 "
Weight: 136
Registered: Yes
Selective Service Number: 1-40-28-170
Selective Service Local Board Number: # 40 Moulton (Lawrence
County), AL
Means of Entry: Enlisted
Grade: Airman Basic
Date & Place of Entry into Active Service: Dec. 12 1953, Gadsdan,
Home Address: Rt. # 1, Trinity (Lawrence County), Alabama
Net Service Completed: 3 Years, 9 Months, 16 Days
Foriegn/or Sea Service: 11 Months, 13 Days
Decorations: Good Conduct Medal, Korean Service Medal, UN Service
Most Significant Duty Assignment: 3750th Installations Squadron
Wounds Revieved: None
Total Payment Upon Separation: $336.62
Travel or Mileage Allowance Included: $52.20
Disbursing Officer: H. C. London, Major, USAF
Remarks: No time lost under section 6(a), appendix 2b, UCMY 1951
Blood Group "A"
AFQT-1 (58-III)
Enlisted to # 300.00 MOP PL 550 82nd Cong (IP) 1st
Payment made on discharge.
Signature of Officer authorized to Sign: Norman P. Pilgrim, 1st LT,
Marital Status: Single
Non-Service Education: Grammer school grade 7
Permanent Address after Education: Rt. # 1, Trinity (Lawrence
County), AL

Memories: When I think of my childhood, my Dad plays an important
part in my memories. While Mom was the fun and games, Daddy was
the one who instilled the value of working for what you want and
earning what you get. The value of a dollar. Don't ask for a handout
if you can acheive it on you own. Respect yourself and others. Or
else. Although he had little education, my Dad is one of the smartest
and wisest men I have ever known. He taught us the value of a hard
days work and the honor of a job well done. His was the hand
wielding the big stick whenever we crossed the line. And we often
did. He expected us to give 100% to whatever we were attempting,
be it in school or hauling hay or just playing in the yard.
But, on the other side of the coin, I remember stripping second gear
out of Daddy's black Ford truck learning to drive across the pasture
because my legs were too short to mash the clutch all the way in and
roasting wienies on the big flat rock at the edge of our woods on a
hot summer Saturday afternoon. Or nights so dark and quiet as you
slipped through the fields rabbit hunting with their eyes glowing red
in the glare of a flashlight. Learning to load and shoot a gun and
hitting what you aimed at. Slippin down to the pond in the summer
with a tote sack in your hand and Daddy leading the way with his
spotlight on his head and a frog gig in his hand. He taught all of us
girl to check the oil and change a tire before we were allowed to
drive. We learned to fix fences and run cows, milk goats and which
tools were which and what they were used for. Probably the most
important lesson he ever taught us was to believe in what you were
and to stand up for what you believed in. We may not have been rich,
with flashy clothes, a big fine home, or fancy cars, but we were loved.
I think us Waters girls, all five of us, turned out just fine.

DEATH: "OBITUARY"; Decatur Daily; Published April 13, 2005
Arbon Wayne "Red" Waters
Funeral for Arbon Wayne "Red" Waters, 76, of Moulton will be
Thursday, April 14, 2005, at 11 a.m. at Parkway Funeral Home
Chapel with O.D. Bowling officiating. Burial will be in East Lawrence
Memorial Gardens. Visitation will be tonight from 6 to 8 at the
funeral home. Mr. Waters died Monday, April 11, 2005, at Lawrence
County Medical Center. He was born Sept. 18, 1928, in Moulton to
William Grady Waters and Elzie Shelton Waters. He was retired as a
multicraft mechanic at International Paper in Courtland. He was a
member of the Paper, Allied Industrial, Chemical and Energy
Workers International Union AFL-CIO-CLC. He enlisted December
1950 in the U.S. Air Force in Gadsden where he served in the 3750th
Installation Squadron. He received a Good Conduct Medal, Korean
Service Medal and the UN Service Medal. He was discharged Sept. 27,
1954. He enjoyed reading and growing a vegetable garden. He was
an avid hunter for many years and enjoyed spending time telling
stories to his family and friends. He was preceded in death by his
wife, Ilda Ruth Curnutt Waters; two brothers, Spencer Waters and
Henry Waters; one sister, Naomi Waters; and his grandparents, John
Robert Waters and Martha Ellen Cash Waters and Absalom Jeremiah
Shelton and Martha Willingham Shelton. He is survived by five
daughters, Vicki Waters, Donna Waters Evans and her husband,
Larry, and Teresa Waters Finley and her husband, Randy, all of
Moulton, Tina Waters Tubb of Mount Hope, and Lana Waters of
Moulton; six brothers, Jack Waters, Verbon Waters, Willard Waters,
Dwight Waters and O’Neal Waters, all of Moulton, and Paul Waters of
Hartselle; three sisters, Doris Compton and her husband, G.W. of
Mount Hope, and Faye Darnell and Wanda Lee Hill, both of Moulton;
nine grandchildren, Chane Crook, Duane Evans, Jeremy Evans, Josh
Evans, Windi Evans, Paul Radford, Amanda Radford and Quinn Finley,
all of Moulton, and Brittany Tubb of Mount Hope; eight great-
grandchildren, Drennon Crook, Joey Evans, Nate Evans, Alex Evans,
Christopher Evans, Andrew Evans, Kayla Latham and Lowen Borden;
and two stepgrandchildren, Cassie Finley and Zack Finley, both of
Ardmore. Pallbearers will be Chane Crook, Duane Evans, Jeremy
Evans, Josh Evans, Paul Radford, Zack Finley, Larry Evans and Randy
Finley. Published in the Decatur Daily on 4/13/2005.
DEATH: Note:
Buried with full Military Honors

Name: Abron W. Waters
SSN: 423-24-4707
Last Residence: 35650 Moulton, Lawrence, Alabama
Born: 18 Sep 1928
Died: 11 Apr 2005
State (Year) SSN issued: Alabama (Before 1951 )
BURIAL: U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006
Name: Arbon Wayne Waters
Birth Date: 18 Sep 1928
Death Date: 11 Apr 2005
Cemetery: East Lawrence Memorial Gardens
Cemetery Address: 3740 County Road 434 Attn: Kris Rollins
Moulton, AL 35650

Wayne married Ilda Ruth CURNUTT * daughter of William Donald CURNUTT * and Alcy Byrd CLAYTON * on 25 Dec 1954 in Iuka. Tishimingo County, Mississippi. Ilda was born on 7 Jun 1936 in Limestone County, Alabama. She died on 15 Jun 2004 in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama. She was buried East Lawrence Memorial Garden in Lawrence County, Alabama.

SCHOOL: The schools Ruth Waters attended are Belle Mina, Bethel
School, East Limestone School, and Tanner. These were all in
Limestone County, Alabama.

BIRTH: Ilda Ruth Curnutt was born June 7, 1936 at the home of her
parents, William Donald and Alcy Byrd
Clayton Curnutt . They lived in Limestone County, Alabama.

BIRTH: Birth Certificate issued by the Registrar of Vital Statistics in
Montgomery, Alabama

General: Ilda Ruth Curnutt married Abron Wayne Waters on
December 25, 1954 in Iuka, Mississippi after meeting on a blind date
10 days before on December 15, 1954.

General: "Receipt for Electricity", First Power turned on, Aug 19,
1955. Wayne Waters, Rt. # 2, Moulton, Al.

General: "Reciept for Electricity", Power Turned on After Moving ,
November 14, 1962

General: "Reciept for Telephone" , New Contract, August, 1955

June 20, 2004
By: Donna Waters Evans
My Momma is, and always has been, the constant force of love in my
life. As I remember my childhood, and even to the present, the
strength of her love is still as strong and steady as ever even though
she is gone. She was the one we ran to with scraped knees and
busted hearts. She was there for us. Always. My life was a constant
stream of love with morals and rules thrown in whenever they were
needed. And often not wanted. She taught me that I would reap the
benefits of what I sowed and pay the consequences of my actions.
That right is right and wrong never will be. A job worth doing is
worth doing right. Learn the lessons life teaches you and never make
the same mistake twice. Our household was fun to grow up in. We
were loud and rowdy, laughing and squabbling among ourselves. Our
house was neat, our clothes starched and ironed, a talent I haven't
quite mastered yet. We played cards, checkers, and Scrabble. And
softball in the yard with all the neighborhood boys, with Mom right
there, knocking the spit out of the ball, farther than most of the kids.
We used to swipe Jell-o from the pantry and sneak out to eat it in
secret. We’d come back indoors with red mouths and innocent faces
and she wouldn’t say a word, she’d just grin. She knew. True Story
Romances were a passion of ours which were very risqué and racy to
preteen girls. Grandmother Waters supplied them, much to the
dismay of our Father. Mom knew and she never once revealed our
hiding place. Saturday afternoons in the summer we had a family
ritual. Roasting hotdogs over an open fire on the big ole flat rock at
the edge of the woods. I remember shoe boxes full of Barbie clothes
Mom had worked frantically to sew while we were at school and
hidden when we were home for our Christmas gifts. Hours spent
playing under an old coffee can, the bottom filled with holes and
hung from the swing set with the water hose placed in the top. A
shower of cold water for us to run thru in the hot summer sun. Every
Easter, new dresses made with her own hands, frilly and lacy, with
little white purses, shoes and hats to match. The dress she married
in was pink, and she took that dress and cut it apart and made me a
dress from it. I remember swimming in the farm pond, with us on
one side, the cows on the other. Rolling down the terraces of sweet
red clover, with Mom laughing at our antics. As we got older, our
relationship changed. She became our chief confessor and our harbor
in life’s storms. I remember her singing along with us to make
whatever work we were doing go faster. We shared whatever chores
had to be done, with her working along with us. She was there,
urging us on, patting us on the back, correcting our mistakes,
wiping our tears. She still is in our hearts. Her beauty had faded and
her body weakened by time, but she is there in our memories. She
was the mainstay in our family, the one constant we knew was
always waiting for us at home. Mom left us a legacy. Of Faith, Hope
and Love. I hope I can live up to it and pass the things she taught me
on to my own children. The greatest lesson I guess I have ever
learned from her is that a child , no matter what wrong they have
committed, should always be loved just because.

MARRIAGE: My Mother and Daddy met on a blind date on December
15, 1954 and they married 10 days later in Iuka, Tishimingo County,
Mississippi. He brought her home to his family in the middle of a
family Christmas. She had to meet the entire family all at one time.
All 11 children, inlaws, and cousins at one time. Can you imagine
going to your new parents-in-law's for the first time and facing all
those strangers? Not me!

Name: Ilda R. Waters
Birth Date: 7 Jun 1936
Death Date:15 Jun 2004
Last Residence: Moulton, Lawrence, Alabama
State Issued " Alabama 1954
SSN 416-48-1286
DEATH: "OBITUARY"; Decatur Daily; Published June 17, 2004
Ilda Ruth Curnutt Waters
Funeral for Ilda Ruth Curnutt Waters, 68, of Moulton was to be today,
June 17, 2004, at 2 p.m. at Parkway Funeral Home Chapel with O.D.
Bowling officiating. Burial was to be in East Lawrence Memorial Gardens. Visitation was Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. at the funeral home. Mrs. Waters died Tuesday, June 15, 2004, at Baptist Medical
Center-Princeton. She was born June 7, 1936, in Limestone County
to William Donald Curnutt and Alcy Byrd Clayton Curnutt. She was a
homemaker. She enjoyed gardening, sewing, reading and crafts.Survivors include her husband, Abron Wayne Waters; five
daughters, Vicki Waters, Donna Waters Evans, Teresa Waters Finley
and Lana Waters, all of Moulton, and Tina Waters Tubb of Mount
Hope; two brothers, William Donald Curnutt Jr. and Walter Curnutt,
both of Athens; four sisters, Janice Gooch and Janet Curnutt, both of
Athens, Mary Jean Grissom of Decatur and Patricia Moore of Muscle
Shoals; nine grandchildren, Chane Crook, Duane Evans, Jeremy
Evans, Josh Evans, Paul Radford, Amanda Borden, Brittney Tubb,
Quinton Finley and Windi Evans; two stepgrandchildren, Cassie
Finley and Zach Finley; and six great-grandchildren, Joey Evans,
Nate Evans, Alex Evans, Christopher Evans, Kayla Latham and Lowen
Borden. Pallbearers were to be Duane Evans, Josh Evans, Jeremy
Evans, Chane Crook, Paul Radford and Zach Finley. Published in
the Decatur Daily on 6/17/2004.

Abron and Ilda had the following children:
+ 2 F i. Vicki June WATERS was born on 16 Nov 1955.
+ 3 F ii. Donna Lynne WATERS * was born on 15 Jan 1958.
+ 4 F iii. Teresa Kaye WATERS was born on 23 Oct 1959.
+ 5 F iv. Tina Marie WATERS was born on 15 Jun 1961.
6 F v. Lana Ruth WATERS was born on 25 Jun 1962 in Moulton, Lawrence County, Alabama.

The beginning ...

I'm not truly sure how to begin this website. It won't be a blog like any other I am thinking. Instead it will be a site to explore and document my and my sister's heritage. One family at a time.

Our family is like the pieces of material in one of my Grandmother’s quilts.
Some pieces are new and shiny and still have lots of wear.
Others are older and used but much beloved for the memories they bring to mind.
And a few, faded so much they are dim and hard to see, they are still there, making you wonder about their origins and what they have endured to get to the state they are in when you see them.
They are someone’s memories.
Quilts, though faded and worn have warmed the bodies and hearts for generations.
With love in every stitch, time ceases to matter.
Memories and imagination flitter through the mind of the one being bundled in the warmth of a layer of much used material and cotton.
It warms the heart and feeds the soul.
My family tree has been constructed much as a quilt was made long ago.
My family is still new, shiny and hopefully, has years to grow.
Our Parents and Grandparents are the older pieces, timeworn, but still glowing like jewels for all the love and memories they inspire.
And then there are those that I had no idea where they came from, but had to search to find their origins and the path they came down to be a part of my family quilt.
Please enjoy watching me put together my family quilt, piece by piece.
It has been a labor of love.
One I hope to pass down to my children and grandchildren.
Roots are an heirloom to be prized above all else.